mardi 17 avril 2012

Clean Install - How to install the latest map and navcore

This tutorial is for TomTom standalone devices only - not WinCE or PDA devices. In addition, if your device was made anytime from September 2010 onwards, (for eg. the GO 1000 series, GO LIVE 800 series, Start 20 series and all VIA models) it cannot be updated this way, as mentioned here:
 Before proceeding with this tutorial, if your device has a card slot and you normally use the card, insert it now. As long as the card is inserted, it won't affect the internal memory (if your device has internal memory).

Follow these steps precisely and you will have updated software, as good as new!

1) VERY IMPORTANT: Connect your device to your computer via USB. Using Windows Explorer, open your TomTom drive and backup the complete contents of your TomTom.

2) Open your TomTom drive and delete the contents.

3) Install the latest version of TomTom Home from the TomTom website.

4) Run TomTom Home. Depending on your model, if Home asks you whether to use internal memory or the card, select the card.

5) Go to updates and download the latest navcore. Restart TomTom Home and run updates several times until no more updates are available.

6) Unplug your TomTom device. Start your TomTom on its own. This will create a new ttgo.bif file which will be needed for patching later.

7) Check your navcore version. You can do this either on the device menu under Version Info, or you can check the navcore version in TomTom Home.

8) Reconnect your TomTom to your computer.

9) Run TomTom Home on your computer and go to the "Operate" function. This may be called "Operate My TomTom" or "Operate My Go" or similar, depending on your model. You may get an error message when doing so, just ignore it. The purpose of running the Operate function in Home at this stage is to create the dll profile needed for patching later.

10) Shut down TomTom Home.

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